Sketch me if you can is a weekly design challenge. Every even week a new theme will be put on the site. Then it's time to design. All members have one week to come up with their own interpretation of theme.
The interpretation of the theme can be rendered using graphic design, illustration, photography, type or any medium you can think of. The design is then uploaded to the Sketch me if you can website. Every uneven week it is time to vote on all uploaded designs.

Every even week it's time to design. Get inspired by the weeks theme. Go crazy designing! Digitize your design and upload one picture to the Sketch me if you can website. Your design will be resized to at least 275x275 pixels. 1MB is the maximum file size.

Every uneven week it's time to vote. Log in to your profile page and rate all other designs on a scale from 0 to 10. (0 = no vote, 1 = ugly design, 10 = best design)

When all votes are collected for this weeks theme you get an average score. The higher the score, the higher you’ll be ranked in the top of the week charts. The best rated design will be number one in the top of the week charts.

Every average score of your design gets added to the average scores you made on previous designs. When you have the highest total score, making you the best designer, you’ll be number one on the best designer charts.

The 'top of the week' and 'best designer’ charts are  based on the member votes.

Themes are randomly picked from a list of suggestions which have been sent in by members. Think of a good theme yourself? Submit it here.

Sketch me if you can is a project powered by Dare to Design*.